TSH Mental Health Holiday Party 2016


Its that time of the year again.  The Social Committee would like to invite all staff to this years Mental Health Holiday Party.  This year we continue to bring a fun filled festive event for all the hardworking Mental Health staff at The Scarborough Hospital.

For staff who have been with the hospital for over 6 years, this years venue will not be new to you.  Marlowe’s Restaurant and Wine Bar has been host to 2 Mental Health Holiday parties in the past 6 years.  One of those parties being one of the most attended by Mental Health Staff.  Food has always been great and the lounge/dance vibe has been raved about by veteran staff.

This year the Social Committee will be raffling off 4 tickets ($40 value each) prior to the big party.  Our first raffle happening tomorrow afternoon.  The committee will be posting a video of the raffle here on our Mental Notes.  So be on the look out for a mass email today.  Respond to that specific email to be entered in the draw.  If you’re reading this after the response deadline, do not fret, we have 3 more raffle dates coming up(see poster above).

So buy your tickets NOW from the Social Committee members mentioned in the poster.

Remember the early bird ticket deadline is November 18th!




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