MH Holiday Party Raffle 3 Results

Here it is ladies and gentlemen.  The 3rd Raffle out of 4 for a free ticket to this years Mental Health Holiday Party at Marlowes Restaurant.

This week we’ve had a record number of entries at 32!.

I actually utilized the in-patient staffing line text message account to garner some interest from the in-patient Nurses.  We all know they’re pretty busy at all times of the day/night and it’s hard for them to spend a little time reading emails.

That being said, we have 1 more raffle for a free ticket on November 18th, so if you missed out on this one and the past two you still have time.  Just look out for the email or text message to enter.  NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY.

But also on November 18th the early bird ticket sales will end.  After that date ticket prices will jump up $5!  Also, those who buy an early bird ticket will be entered into a raffle to win a Tim Hortons gift card!


So lets get to the Raffle!!!

Here is the list of staff who replied to emails/text messages…..






































































Congratulations to  Carol F. from Community Programs at 2425 Eglinton!


Have a great weekend everyone!!

-Social Committee




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