TSH MH Rising Stars Program 2016/17


The Rising Star Program for Emergent Leaders is a new initiative by The Scarborough Hospital to provide staff with more professional development opportunities.  This program was created after feedback from the last Employee and Physician Opinion Survey.

The Rising Star Program is a two-year development opportunity for high potential employees interested in managerial roles.  The first year consists of mandatory in-class sessions and the second year consists of self-directed learning through a formal mentoring program.

Mental Health is no stranger to this program as the last batch included two amazing staff members, Adam P. of CL Services & our current AOP/Community Programs/Crisis Manager, Shawnna B.  Both who have shined bright in the interstellar cosmos of the Scarborough Hospital.

The Rising Star Program is not an easy program to enter as there are only 30 spots for employees to fill.  Applicants are reviewed by a panel of senior TSH leaders.  Scores are assigned to each applicant based on a standard evaluation criteria and matrix.

In other words, you gotta really want it!

And this year Mental Health pulls through the application process and takes up a total of 5 spots out of the 30!

The whole Mental Health department would like to congratulate our 5 accepted Rising Stars…..

MH Rising Stars 2016/17:  Nadia Y(AOP), Jawad B(JAMH), Rubina A.(ACTT), Joanne F.(ACTT), not pictured Janany J.(AOP)

Congratulations to our very own Nadia Y. & Janany J.(not pictured) from Adult Out-Patient Programs at 1225 Kennedy rd.; Jawad B. from the Justice and Mental Health Program; and Rubina A. & Joanne F. from the Assertive Community Treatment Team at our community programs offices at 2425 Eglinton Ave.

We can’t be any more prouder for these 5 who have been accepted to this prestigious program.  Their journey started in September 2016.  If you see them in passing make sure you congratulate them.  Who knows, they might be your boss one day!

Happy Friday!



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