Mental Health Holiday Party 2016

As with previous years the Social Committee was looking to bring an evening of great food, fun and team appreciation.  Unfortunately the weather was totally against us.  We had over 70 tickets sold this year and expected just as many staff members to attend.

And for many of you who were in town, knew about the pre-winter storm that hit Toronto that day.  Initial reports were light snow, which changed to episodes of white outs and caused all out chaos for the commute home.  A total of 15-20cm of show blanketed Toronto in a matter of hours.  The inclement weather left a lot of staff scrambling to clear their cars after work and attempt to race to Marlowe’s restaurant to make the 7PM sharp dinner start.

Due to the poor commute home it left a lot of staff members who lived a little to far from the city stranded at home.  Unfortunately many staff members had to forfeit coming to this annual event.

FORTUNATELY the party still went on and more than half of our expected guests were able to make the annual event.

On behalf of the Social Committee we would like to thank everyone who has supported this annual event.  Not only those who made it but everyone who participated in the raffles and donated generously.  A special thank you to all the Psychiatrists who donated large sums to subsidize the party for the staff to enjoy.  Thank you to our Patients as Partners members who joined us for the evening.  Thank you to Nadia Y. and her Fiancee Gabe for working on the amazing slide show.  Thank you to Janany J & Shefali R for donating your prizes as well as working on the amazing spread for the candy table.  And last but not least, Thank You to Shawnna B. and her uncle for donating our grand raffle prize of a pair of Toronto Raptors Tickets.

To sum up the night, it was a festive and joyous occasion.  The food at Marlowe’s was delicious, prizes were won, wine was flowing & dancing was had.

Here’s the proof!


Congrats to all the winners of the wonderful prizes.  Congrats to our Patients as Partner member Arlene W. husband Eric W. for winning the grand prize.

If you attended this years party please fill out this short survey to let us know how we did.  And hopefully we can use those suggestions to make next years party even better!


-Social Committee



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