Patient Experience Week at Scarborough & Rouge Hospital



This April 24 – 27th, 2017, Scarborough & Rouge Hospital will be having Patient Experience Week, an annual event that celebrates health care staff impacting the patient experience everyday. Patient Experience Week provides a focused time for our hospital to celebrate accomplishments, re-energize efforts, and honour those who make a difference in the patient experience. From nurses and physicians, to support staff and executive professionals, to patients, families, and communities served, we hope to bring everyone together.


Why Participate in Patient Experience Week?
By supporting Patient Experience Week, Scarborough and Rouge Hospital shows our employees that we appreciate their hard work and encourage their continued efforts on behalf of patients. This week is a great way to enhance patient and staff relations, increase hospital morale, and improve communication.


How will our hospital be celebrating?

Our three-site team is collaborating on a series of hospital-wide events that invite participation from all staff, volunteers, patients, and families. Our schedule of events for this year is as follows:


Patient Experience Week Kick-Off Ceremony | Monday April 24, 2017| 12:00-1:00p.m all sites

Every SRH site will host an opening ceremony to kick-off the start of Patient Experience Week. This ceremony will include celebratory remarks from a member of our senior management team, opportunities for all staff to sign a hospital-wide pledge towards providing a quality patient experience, and light refreshments. Members of the community and local media are invited to participate and celebrate in its hospital’s commitment towards continued efforts to improve health care on behalf of patients and families. The hospital-wide pledge to patient experience will be proudly displayed in our main entrance areas for all members to reflect, acknowledge, and celebrate.


“Honouring Our Patients” Day | Tuesday April 25, 2017 | 9:00-12:00 all sites

Our patients and families are a central part of our hospital community and help us continually improve our standard and quality of care. “Honouring Our Patients” Day is a way for our hospital to thank our patients and families for giving us the opportunity to deliver the best care possible. Staff and senior leadership will welcome and greet patients and families at main entrances of all three sites, personally thanking them with a token of appreciation, and expressing their commitment to a quality patient experience.


Celebrating Quality Care Rounds | Wednesday April 26, 2017

Over the years, every hospital unit and program has worked towards providing high quality care for patients and families. Celebrating Quality Care Rounds is a unique opportunity for program and unit level teams to showcase the great work they have been doing to senior leadership, celebrate their achievements, and re-energize efforts. Program areas and unit level teams choose what they would like to highlight, which may include, but are not limited to: increased compliance with infection control, excellent patient satisfaction survey results, implementation of new practices/policies to improve quality of care, and/or improved communication methods with patients and families.


Patient Family Advisor “Roadshow” | Thursday April 27, 2017

At SRH, Patient Family Advisors (PFAs) demonstrate our hospital commitment towards the highest level of Patient & Family Centred Care. PFAs are volunteers who are past SRH patients and/or family members of SRH patients. Collaborating closely with hospital staff on committees and projects, PFAs harness the power of their patient story and perspective to improve the way healthcare is delivered. On this day, PFAs join hospital staff in sharing the impact of their work on the quality of healthcare at SRH, thank staff for their efforts in patient and family centred care, and provide resources that enable program areas to recruit their own PFAs. This event celebrate both the positive impact that health care providers and PFAs have made and continue to make at this hospital.


Patient & Family Centred Care (PFCC) Huddles | Monday April 24 – Thursday April 27, 2017

Program and unit level huddles are a key way for staff to stay informed, review work, make plans, and move ahead quickly in a fast-past health care environment. During Patient Experience Week, the Office of Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) will provide teams with activity materials that can be used to facilitate thinking, collaboration, and discussion around providing a quality patient experience. Activity topics for huddles may include inviting teams to reflect on program area practices that align with key PFCC principles, review a patient story and its impact on quality of care, or brainstorm how to effectively partner with patients and families in discussing plan of care. The hope is that these PFCC huddles during Patient Experience Week will help build and reinforce a culture of thinking and practice focused on supporting a quality care experiences.


If you would like more information or are interested in participating in any of the events please contact us prior to Monday April 17, 2017.



Kristy M, MSW RSW

Manager, Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC)


Ettsa P, MSW, RSW

PFCC Steering Committee Co-Lead


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