Mental Health In-Patient & Staff Summer BBQ 2017


Tis’ the season to be Q’ing!!!!

Back by popular demand, the In-Patient MH services will be holding its annual Summer BBQ.

For the past 6 years during the summer months our Mental Health Team spends a lunch with our in-patients enjoying burgers and various summer dishes on the 3C patio.

All of this was birthed to improve our relationships with our patients during a season where being cooped up in a hospital during our short Canadian summers can be increasingly depressing.  Not only do staff enjoy a break from the normal daily grind, but our patients also enjoy this event veering away from the usual hospital experience.  Here at TSRH we strive to improve the patient experience and Mental Health is one department where our patients always come first.

This years summer BBQ kicks off on Friday, June 30th on our wonderful 3C patio.  Like previous years our kick off party will feature musical performances from various former in-patients.  Food will be cooked by our resident BBQ master, Michael M.  And to spice this up for this years kick off party we will be having staff bring in various dishes/desserts to share ala potluck style.

Hope to see you all there!!!

When:  Friday, June 30, 2017 @ 1200hrs

Where:  3C (Birchmount) Patio

Following Dates throughout the summer:  July 14th, 18th & August 11th, 25th.



Mental Health Outpatient Services & Community Services: Patient Appreciation Day

Our Mental Health Outpatient Services along with our Community Services is teaming up to for a special summer BBQ for all our patients here in Scarborough.

Our staff take pride in the care we give our community and it is only fitting that we share this pride by giving back in more ways than our regular 9-5.

So to kick off the summer season we would love to invite all staff and patients to this years event.  (see flyer below)

Date:  Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Location:  Thomson Memorial Park – Picnic Area D

Time:  1:00PM-4:00PM

If you are interested in attending please see contact number below.  Food will be provided with a slew of games and prizes to be won!


patient appreciation day flyer (8230)



MSW Seminar Series

It has been an exciting time here at Scarborough Rouge Hospital (SRH) over the past few months. Considering SRH’s commitment to clinical social work education, the department of mental health has been fortunate to have several wonderful Master of Social Work (MSW) students join our team for practicum placements.  These students, along with their field instructors have had and will continue to have a huge impact on our clients, colleagues and the Scarborough community at large.

Recently, a new initiative, entitled, ‘MSW Seminar Series’ has taken off!

What is the MSW Seminar Series?

Recognizing the importance of clinical education, MSW students from the mental health department are invited to gather for one hour each month to openly discuss practicum experiences.  Students are encouraged to discuss how theoretical classroom learning is applied in front line clinical work.  Student are asked to engage in self- reflective practices in order to identify areas of desired and continued development as this seminar series is a place for learning and development to take place.  Given that MSW students are our soon to become colleagues, Jawad B, MSW Educational Coordinator and Melissa D, Social Worker at AOP create an open, fun and warm environment which serves to empower students to  discuss new insights, improvement opportunities and to ask questions!

In the process of continued development and implementation, the MSW Seminar Series provides students the opportunity to increase their knowledge on quality-based social work standards.  Seminars provide pertinent knowledge about Evidence Based Practices and the importance of same in clinical practice, research and policy.  Given that on-going evaluation and feedback is something that us social workers value, student feedback is sought at the conclusions of each seminar.  This feedback is thoroughly taken into consideration as development and implementation of this program continues

-Melissa Donohue, Social Worker

Mental Health Holiday Party 2016

As with previous years the Social Committee was looking to bring an evening of great food, fun and team appreciation.  Unfortunately the weather was totally against us.  We had over 70 tickets sold this year and expected just as many staff members to attend.

And for many of you who were in town, knew about the pre-winter storm that hit Toronto that day.  Initial reports were light snow, which changed to episodes of white outs and caused all out chaos for the commute home.  A total of 15-20cm of show blanketed Toronto in a matter of hours.  The inclement weather left a lot of staff scrambling to clear their cars after work and attempt to race to Marlowe’s restaurant to make the 7PM sharp dinner start.

Due to the poor commute home it left a lot of staff members who lived a little to far from the city stranded at home.  Unfortunately many staff members had to forfeit coming to this annual event.

FORTUNATELY the party still went on and more than half of our expected guests were able to make the annual event.

On behalf of the Social Committee we would like to thank everyone who has supported this annual event.  Not only those who made it but everyone who participated in the raffles and donated generously.  A special thank you to all the Psychiatrists who donated large sums to subsidize the party for the staff to enjoy.  Thank you to our Patients as Partners members who joined us for the evening.  Thank you to Nadia Y. and her Fiancee Gabe for working on the amazing slide show.  Thank you to Janany J & Shefali R for donating your prizes as well as working on the amazing spread for the candy table.  And last but not least, Thank You to Shawnna B. and her uncle for donating our grand raffle prize of a pair of Toronto Raptors Tickets.

To sum up the night, it was a festive and joyous occasion.  The food at Marlowe’s was delicious, prizes were won, wine was flowing & dancing was had.

Here’s the proof!


Congrats to all the winners of the wonderful prizes.  Congrats to our Patients as Partner member Arlene W. husband Eric W. for winning the grand prize.

If you attended this years party please fill out this short survey to let us know how we did.  And hopefully we can use those suggestions to make next years party even better!


-Social Committee


TSH MH Social Workers Present 3 Innovative Approaches at OASW Conference

MH SW: Jawad B. (JAMH); Halimo H.(JAMH); Janany J.(MHOP); Nadia Y. (MHOP)

On Friday November 11th and Saturday November 12th the Ontario Association of Social Workers held their 2016 provincial conference. The theme of the conference was “Social Work for the 22nd Century: Accelerators & Innovators.” A call was put out for organizations and individuals to showcase innovative approaches being utilized by social workers in various settings. The Scarborough Hospital was well represented with three poster presentations offered by Jawad B. and Halimo H., Janany J., and Nadia Y. There were a total of 35 presentations and no other organization was represented by multiple presenters.

oaswpic2The opening keynote session was conducted by Emmanuel Bochud, his topic was “From Circus Lesson to Life Lesson: Circus, Arts and Creativity – Accelerators for Social Development.”  It was an inspiring talk on Cirque du Monde, the social advocacy wing of Cirque du Soleil. Emmanuel explained how Cirque du Monde has existed for decades and partners circus performers with social workers to create sustainable community programs all over the world. There have been over 100 successful projects since its inception.


oaswpic3There was also a moving special presentation by Dr. Cindy Blackstock, Daniel Poulin & Sarah Pentney entitled, “It Takes a Community to Raise a Children’s Human Rights Case: The Story of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on First Nations Child Welfare.” They discussed the significant rulings by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal which has ordered the Canadian government to fulfill its legal and moral obligations to fund basic health care needs for First Nations children. The discussion offered a brief yet comprehensive understanding of the plight of First nation’s youth from the residential school system up until today. Here is a link and description of a short, yet powerful talk in which Dr. Blackstock shares, “The 7 Ways to Make a Difference”, which include community based social movements for positive change in areas such as child welfare, healthcare and education for First Nations children, youth and families. They also provide practical opportunities for individuals and organizations to help ensure First Nations children and youth have culturally-based opportunities for success.

And here are the 3 presentations by our colleagues from the Mental Health Department…

Halimo H.

Meet Me Where I’m At: Providing Services for Hard to Reach Populations:

Jawad B. and Halimo H. presented on the many innovative practices of the Justice & Mental Health (JAMH) team and their ability to quickly adapt and adjust to the needs of their clients and the environment.

Nadia Y.

Relaxation During Cancer Treatment: Decreasing Distress in Oncology Patients in the Treatment Room:

Nadia Y. shared information on the cutting edge 5-step model of the iMindful program, which offers oncology patients the opportunity to experience mindfulness meditation in the treatment room. A lack of mental health services for oncology patients led to the implementation of this tool to decrease distress and improve access to self-help interventions.

Janany J.

iCBT vs. CBT: Internet assisted Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Adults Compared to Traditional CBT in a Canadian Hospital:

Janany J. presented information on the innovative Internet-assisted CBT program, which had great interest from attendees. The Scarborough Hospital, in partnership with Queen’s University, has developed this program in order to help improve access to care.

-Jawad B. (Social Worker for Justice and Mental Health Program)


FINAL MH Holiday Party Raffle Results

It’s been a long 4 weeks and we have just under 4 more weeks until we party the night away in celebration of the Holiday Season.

For the final raffle we had a total of 25 entries.  Not as good as last weeks raffle but better than the first 😀

The Social Committee would like to thank all the staff for their interest.  But specifically the staff members who purchased their early bird tickets at $40.  After today ticket prices jump another $5.

A separate raffle for a Tim Hortons gift card will be done next week for those who were smart enough to purchase an early bird ticket.

So lets get to this raffle, shall we….

The entries…..






























































































































Congrats to Dippy N. RN on 3C!

Thank you to all of you who supported the raffle.  Remember you still have time today to get your early bird tickets.  After today it goes up to $45.

Happy Friday everyone!!

-Social Committee


MH Holiday Party Raffle 3 Results

Here it is ladies and gentlemen.  The 3rd Raffle out of 4 for a free ticket to this years Mental Health Holiday Party at Marlowes Restaurant.

This week we’ve had a record number of entries at 32!.

I actually utilized the in-patient staffing line text message account to garner some interest from the in-patient Nurses.  We all know they’re pretty busy at all times of the day/night and it’s hard for them to spend a little time reading emails.

That being said, we have 1 more raffle for a free ticket on November 18th, so if you missed out on this one and the past two you still have time.  Just look out for the email or text message to enter.  NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY.

But also on November 18th the early bird ticket sales will end.  After that date ticket prices will jump up $5!  Also, those who buy an early bird ticket will be entered into a raffle to win a Tim Hortons gift card!


So lets get to the Raffle!!!

Here is the list of staff who replied to emails/text messages…..






































































Congratulations to  Carol F. from Community Programs at 2425 Eglinton!


Have a great weekend everyone!!

-Social Committee