COMMUNITY SERVICES-Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT)

The Scarborough Hospital Community Outreach Programs (2425 Eglinton Ave. E., Suite 301)

  • Multidisciplinary team (psychiatrist, nurses, case managers, vocational & addictions specialists, peer support worker) providing intensive outpatient support 7 days/week to clients with severe & persistent mental illness
  • Regular visits for med observation, psychoeducation, psychosocial rehab, activities, vocational & addiction support

Referral Process & Exclusion Criteria

  • Referrals are processed through AccessPoint; no TSH clause for priority of TSH MH clients
  • Severe & persistent mental illness; 3 admissions to hospital in last two years or over 50 admission days. ACTT agreement must be signed for clients to have the service.
  • Exclusion: History of serious violence, primary Axis II or addictions diagnoses, and refusal to work with ACTT model