COMMUNITY SERVICES-Psychogeriatric Outreach (POP)

The Scarborough Hospital Birchmount Campus (3030 Birchmount Rd.)

  • 24/7 on-site crisis assessment and intervention in ED of both Birchmount and General Sites. Services all Scarborough residents during hours that other Scarborough Hospital Crisis Services are not offered on-site: 2300 to 0800 daily.
  • Telephone Crisis Response:
    • Crisis de-escalation by telephone, activating EMS or TPS services where required, assessing for suitability of mobile visits, providing contact for community resources, collaboration with other community agencies
  • Emergency Crisis Services via TSH Emergency Departments:
    • Complete mental health assessment by connecting with family and community workers
    • Crisis support to individual and family and safety planning to ensure client’s immediate and long-term safety
    • Refer to resources and provide telephone follow-up within 24-hrs of assessment to clients not admitted

Referral Process & Exclusion Criteria

  • Self-referral for telephone crisis services; referrals from ED medical doctor for crisis consultation at either TSH sites