OUTPATIENT SERVICES-Adult Outpatient Program

The Scarborough Hospital Adult Outpatient Programs (1225 Kennedy Rd., Unit J. & Birchmount Campus 3E)

  • Short-term services for those with severe and persistent major mental illnesses
    • Psychiatry: Short-term episodic care in order to help stabilize acute symptoms of major mental illnesses
      • Psychiatric consultation, diagnostic clarification, medication review, and recommendations
    • Therapy (Available at 1225 Kennedy Rd): Individual CBT (up to 12 sessions) and group therapy (12 groups):
      • Evidence-based/CBT of various levels, Internet-Assisted CBT (iCBT), Mindfulness-based groups, Dementia Caregiver and Dementia Activation group, Smoking Cessation, in-person & online Family Psychoeducation, Health and Wellness, and Social Skills Training

Referral Process

  • All referrals must be filled out by a physician
  • Referral form on TSH website. Can be completed online and emailed to Intake or faxed to clinic
  • Referral is placed in a queue and clients will be called directly by Intake in chronological order (Internal Physicians: Clients receive calls the following business day after referral is received)
  • Internal referrals to access psychological interventions can come from all MH clinicians

Exclusion Criteria

  • Clients must be 18 years or older, severe and persistent mental illness only; not be identified as a Violent Risk
  • The doctors do not provide any letters or complete any forms for ODSP, CAS, insurance, lawyers, employers
  • If seen by a psychiatrist within past year, a discharge letter is required from previous psychiatrist before booking
  • Those with psychosocial issues resulting from life transitions/adjustments (exclusion)