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Treatment at Ontario mental health facility  was ‘Torture,’ judge rules. -Toronto Star

An Ontario court has ruled that a provincial mental health facility ran therapeutic programs for years that amounted to torture for the patients involved.

Justice Paul Perell’s ruling came in the midst of a lengthy lawsuit filed by past and present residents of the Oak Ridge division of the Penetang Psychiatric Hospital in Penetanguishene that alleges patients were gravely mistreated. Continue to article….

Ontario mental-health services struggling to keep up with youth demand, report finds – The Globe and Mail

A new report on children and youth mental health and addiction in Ontario paints a bleak picture of the challenges facing today’s youth and the difficulties the health-care system has had in adapting to increased demands. Continue to article…

Demand for youth mental health services is exploding.  How universities and business are scrambling to react – Toronto Star

At age 18, Kimberly could no longer come up with a reason to live.

The Toronto university student locked the door to her parents’ garage, stepped onto a stool in the middle of the room and looped an electrical cord around her neck.

“It’s something I couldn’t explain,” recalls Kimberly, who asked that her last name not be published. “I didn’t understand what was going on in my head . . . You want to give up.”Continue to article…



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Toronto Zoo could open soon after tentative deal reached – BlogTO

The Toronto Zoo might not stay closed for the whole summer, so you’ll finally get a chance to see all the adorable baby animals that now call the zoo home.

The Zoo has been closed to the public since May 11 after around 400 employees, who are members of CUPE Local 1600, walked off the job. Continue to article…

Toronto is finally moving ahead to combat overdose crisis – Torontoist

Despite having developed and approved the Overdose Action Plan to tackle the deepening opioid crisis in Toronto back in March, the City of Toronto has taken steps to now fund the plan, as delays from the province have forced the City to “triage.” Continue to article…

The rise and fall of Toronto’s classiest con man – The Walrus

It was the morning before Canada Day 2016, and James Regan needed somewhere to live. A distinguished, even handsome, man of sixty-two with silver hair and a trim moustache, Regan presented himself at the ­Chestnut Park Real Estate office, a luxury brokerage in the heart of Summerhill, one of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods. Smartly dressed, he approached the receptionist and inquired about renting an apartment. Continue to article…


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One trait of a successful blog is content.  This new segment will be broken up in two parts.  1st Break, which focusing on articles & news related to mental health.  2nd break, focusing on current events affecting our community.

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Can You Really Solve Mental Health Problems With an App? – (Beth Skwarecki-Vitals via Lifehacker)

If you’re struggling with a problem like anxiety or depression, making an appointment with a professional may be the last thing you feel up to doing. Apps and online services promise that help is just a few taps away, and in some cases they may be the right choice for you.  continue to article…


Why DIY solutions for mental health are on the rise in Toronto – (Michelle Da Silva-Now Toronto)

Eighteen years ago, Shelley Marshall attempted suicide. The writer, performer and mental-health advocate survived, but when it came time to get help, she felt like resources were limited. She wasn’t welcome into a suicide survivors group because her illness wasn’t deemed severe enough. She tried another group for children of survivors (Marshall’s father died by suicide), but also had trouble getting in. After an eight-month wait, she was finally admitted into a program at CAMH.  continue to article…

Video:  No Fixed Address: Rental market for Torontonians on disability ‘absolutely horrible’ – (CBC News)


CAMH’s Queen Street Expansion Breaking Ground This Fall – (Greg Lipinski-Urban Toronto)

A proponent team has been awarded a contract for the development of Toronto’s CAMH Phase 1C on Toronto’s West Queen West. Infrastructure Ontario and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) have selected a consortium named ‘Plenary Health CAMH’ to carry out the development of two new buildings within CAMH’s 27-acre Queen Street campus, which is bounded by Shaw Avenue on the east and White Squirrel Way on the south and west ends. continue to article… 


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2 new cases of Mumps confirmed in Toronto, total up to 28 cases – (680 News)

Toronto’s total number of confirmed mumps cases grew to 28 Tuesday, with two more cases from the Toronto District School Board testing positive for the virus.  The outbreak began last month and an investigation was launched after 14 people tested positive for the virus. continue to article…

Mayor John Tory’s executive committee approves plan for $3.35 billion one-stop Scarborough subway – (Jennifer Pagliaro –the Star)

With no certainty on funding from other levels of government or certainty on costs, Mayor John Tory’s executive committee supported moving ahead with a one-stop subway extension in Scarborough Wednesday.  While critics called the plan estimated to cost at least $3.35 billion an “albatross” that is destined to be a “colossal mistake,” Tory and supporters said they were “diligently” moving ahead with the plan as promised while contradicting evidence from city staff on the benefits of a subway. continue to article…

Are Toronto’s new green bins working?  Dead raccoons may hold the answer – (Jeff Gray –The Globe and Mail)

Suzanne MacDonald, an associate professor of psychology and biology at York University, does research on all sorts of exotic creatures, including apes, lions and even the pandas at the Toronto Zoo. But her work on that infuriatingly ingenious masked urban pest, the raccoon, inevitably gets all the attention. For her current project, every few months she takes a baby scale and a measuring tape and writes down the weight and length of up to 20 frozen, dead raccoons, collected by city staff after run-ins with cars. continue to article…


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