MSW Seminar Series

It has been an exciting time here at Scarborough Rouge Hospital (SRH) over the past few months. Considering SRH’s commitment to clinical social work education, the department of mental health has been fortunate to have several wonderful Master of Social Work (MSW) students join our team for practicum placements.  These students, along with their field instructors have had and will continue to have a huge impact on our clients, colleagues and the Scarborough community at large.

Recently, a new initiative, entitled, ‘MSW Seminar Series’ has taken off!

What is the MSW Seminar Series?

Recognizing the importance of clinical education, MSW students from the mental health department are invited to gather for one hour each month to openly discuss practicum experiences.  Students are encouraged to discuss how theoretical classroom learning is applied in front line clinical work.  Student are asked to engage in self- reflective practices in order to identify areas of desired and continued development as this seminar series is a place for learning and development to take place.  Given that MSW students are our soon to become colleagues, Jawad B, MSW Educational Coordinator and Melissa D, Social Worker at AOP create an open, fun and warm environment which serves to empower students to  discuss new insights, improvement opportunities and to ask questions!

In the process of continued development and implementation, the MSW Seminar Series provides students the opportunity to increase their knowledge on quality-based social work standards.  Seminars provide pertinent knowledge about Evidence Based Practices and the importance of same in clinical practice, research and policy.  Given that on-going evaluation and feedback is something that us social workers value, student feedback is sought at the conclusions of each seminar.  This feedback is thoroughly taken into consideration as development and implementation of this program continues

-Melissa Donohue, Social Worker